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Funeral For A Friend – Welcome Home Armageddon

Bella Kardasis


I realise the error approaching Welcome Home Armageddon expecting a 2007 Funeral For A Friend; though hints of FFAF v. 2003 do feature in this post-hardcore/punk/emo/screamo fusion. Following their Pledge EP, Welcome Home Armageddon demonstrates a vague attempt to balance their roots with frantic metal and it certainly doesn’t pass without a few casualties.

Unquestionably competent musicians, deftly succinct in their performance as a unit, the album tends to get a little lost from the opening. Armageddon seeks to build a rapport with their loyal fans but leaves behind what they hint with the introduction: This Side of Brightness. Intricately written and constructed, the album feels slightly over-produced in the presentation of each track as an article. In turn it detracts from the initial rush and expectations from the band; pieces tend to fall flat.

I was underwhelmed, if a little bored by the lack of and failure to optimise their animated dynamics and disappointed that unfortunately the energy built by Armageddon would subsequently go wasted because of this. To a great extent it almost feels like Armageddon is an album of ideas. The musicality drifts through chunky riffs, melodic wailing runs and the aggressive assertion that we know them well for however, signature Funeral For A Friend potent ability to engage and provoke with a single hook or lyric was absent.

Perhaps there was ultimately too much anticipation for another ride through the Juneau days and for the band that pushed many a hardcore-emo dangerously into metal, but it is unfortunate that this is one album that I will leave after I’ve listened.