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Funeral For A Friend – Between Order And Model EP

Becci Stanley


Over a decade (11 years) after its initial release, this groundbreaking E.P that fronted the post-hardcore movement and propelled Funeral for a Friend into the stratosphere, has been given a glossy new makeover. Now in its new crisp, clean guise after being re-mixed and re-mastered, Between Order and Model sets out to astound once again with its clash of melodic interludes ripped apart by animalistic bursts of passion.

Opening track 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations sounds even more ballsy than usual with its chugging chords accompanied by fast fret work, blistering screams and dark, uncomfortable hooks that wouldn’t be out of place on a heavy metal track. This makes the sudden shift into Matt Davies’ choirboy vocals and a glimpse of an angelic moment with the guitars and drums working harmoniously together. Really this shouldn’t work together, but these guys have been making it work since before I was born and it has only become more refined with age.

Next up is Juneau , a quintessential release in the bands career and a track I was thoroughly eager to hear re-mastered. It does not dissappoint. The track packs a new found oomph that has always been waiting to burst out with such a powerful and heart-rendering song; the punchy vocals and melodic interlude hit home harder than ever and resonates through the heart and mind long after the final, poignant note.

In a similar fashion, Red is the New Black soars higher than ever before with a tense and rising intro that snakes from humble beginnings to a pounding crescendo that sounds like it comes from any band but Funeral for a Friend. This scorching track shows the versatility of this bunch and why they are such a long-standing band. Every single crushing note from the guitars, each chugging bass line and rushing drum roll all ooze passion and shows a real care and attention to detail.

This E.P sounds fantastic already right? You know what would top it off? Live versions of all of these amazing tracks. And would you believe it – the live tracks sound even bigger, even louder, and even more ground-breaking than their squeaky clean studio finished counterparts. Funeral For A Friend shaped my adolescent years with each record they lovingly crafted and shared with us all, and this E.P shows why. In just eleven tracks the band bare their souls within their eloquent lyrics in a storm of perfectly selected instrumentals; and I for one hope for many more years of this awesome bands releases.