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Gabriella Cilmi – The Sting

Laura Lloyd


Hands up if you remember any other song by Gabriella Cilmi except for the hit Sweet About Me from 2008. No? That’s because after the success of the song Ms Cilmi seemed to disappear off the face of the earth and the only recollection of her ever having a music career was showcased through the backing track of Sure antiperspirant adverts.

However the now 22 year old has made a bold comeback with her impressive 12 track album. To say she has matured would be somewhat patronising, but the vocals and new spark that she has added to her music definitely shows that this young Aussie has upped her game.

First track Highway is slow and soulful, with an R&B style backbeat and the pureness of Cilmi’s voice ripping through the speakers; it’s hard not to catch yourself singing along to it. This track smoothly slides into a piano led number called Symmetry which feels as though Cilmi is drawing on some sort of life experience from it, even though the melody is up tempo, the lyrics scream upset and heartbreak both of which are pretty typical topics for a young girl.

The stand out track is definitely Kill Ourselves, opening with a jazzy feel and a slow tempo; its smooth and laidback like a lazy Sunday afternoon song. It’s an impressive piece for the album, although it does stick to the same heartbreak and boy trouble theme.

Cilmi has definitely made a brilliant comeback with this album, giving the whole track list a more vintage feel with her jazzy beats and velvety voice. One downside though is that the lyrics in the songs do get a little bit same-ish with the continuous crooning over heartbreak and lost love – it gets a little boring. But, as a whole the album definitely shows off the development that Cilmi has made with her music and how she herself has developed from the daring 17 year old who sang about having nothing sweet about her to the 22 year old musically talented woman she is now.