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Giles Robson & The Dirty Aces Interview December 2011

Kimberley Manderson


Having recently been named ‘The Best of The Blues’ by Classic Rock magazine, Giles Robson & The Dirty Aces took time out of their busy schedule to catch up with MTTM…

MTTM: Every track on your album Crooked Heart of Mine was a live take. How long did that take?

Giles Robson: Well we were in the studio for three days in total. Most Songs were achieved in three to four takes. The rest of the time was mixing and mastering.

MTTM: Given that your music is very bluesy and harmonica-led, do people often mistake you guys for Yanks?

GR: We’ve been praised for keeping a hint of the English accent in the vocals and not having a fake American “Fancy Dress” voice going on! There is a long history of the Limeys appropriating the Yanks music for their own needs. I guess we’re the latest in a long line. Funnily enough, the Yanks love it and I get a great response when playing in places like Chicago.

MTTM: You recently played the iconic Blues Kitchen in London. What was that like?

GR: It’s a great venue – with a young, hip audience… which when you are playing in blues clubs in the deepest darkest corners of the land is a refreshing change!

MTTM: Not long ago Giles jammed on stage with Stax legend Steve Cropper. How did that come about?

GR: Well I promoted a show with Steve and the Animals and had some harmonicas with me. They asked me up and I have to say it was a great experience!! I learnt a lot that night, especially in the hotel bar afterwards. Lots of talk about Stax artists, sessions the songwriting process etc Will stay with me for a long time!

MTTM: The Dirty Aces have shared a stage with an impressive array of musicians, including Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Van Morrison and Jimmy Page. Who has been your favourite to have played with?

GR: Our bass player Ian Jennings has had the honour to play with all these guys. I asked him and of course he was diplomatic in his answer! All of them!! You can see Ian on youtube with Jeff Beck, Tom Jones et al…. He’s gotten around!

MTTM: Who’s next on your hitlist to jam with?

GR: I couldn’t say as a quality jam is never planned! Would be nice to play with some more contemporary artists – see what the harmonica sounds like with them!

MTTM: What can we expect from Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces in 2012?

GR: LOT’S more touring! We want to do the length and breadth of the country and a new album too.