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Gilli Moon – The Stillness

Catherine May


The Stillness is Australian Gilli Moon’s sixth album and plays home to fourteen tracks which each shine in their own way.  Whilst she’s more recently turned her attention to producing music and establishing the musical community Songsalive!®, it appears that she’s still found the time to put a lot of energy and hard work into the production of this album.

Opening with Conversation With Me, Moon’s soothing vocals demonstrate her natural ability that compliment the piano playing. I Am is a stand out track for me – the chorus is full of optimism and charisma, emphasising the happiness behind the song. Cling On similarly pleases me with the far softer vocals and slower tempo.

The ‘haunting’ track of the album is Days In November. Background vocals and a repetitive chorus may often be seen as flaws in a song, yet here they serve to reinforce the strength of Moon’s vocals. It’s floaty without hitting the extreme airiness that Imogen Heap overwhelms me with.

Before I listened to Cos I Love You So, I assumed it would be cutesy pop. I was proven wrong with this track and its powerful chorus that some may say – OK, so my mum was listening to it and made a comment – sounds like Madonna.  And that’s not a criticism by any means. Although, my minor critique would be the juxtaposition between Moon’s vocals and the, perhaps misplaced, rapping interlude by a male vocalist that just doesn’t seem to flow for me.

All in all it’s a strong album from the Aussie. Her vocals and lyrics are well paired and always matched with instruments that allow her voice to take centre stage.

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