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Preview: Glastonbury 2013 – Silver Hayes

Lisa Ward


The renamed Dance Village, Silver Hayes, is sure to get you busting out some moves. The revamped field hosts the 6000 capacity Sonic, which will boast screens both inside and outside of the tent. Meanwhile the WOW! stage has been treated to a boat party feel and will also host sets inside and outside of the tent.

The Spiegel Tent is no more but in it’s place lies La Pussy Parlure Noveau, which promises bespoke décor and a lounge bar style atmosphere where you can sit back and relax or strut your stuff on the dance floor. Gully on the other hand is the outdoor stage with a focus on live reggae acts and DJ’s.

Bringing a West Indies feel to the mix Silver Hayes also promises a carnival style float, a rum shake cocktail bar, and Jamaican jerk chicken. Aside from the music it’s here you’ll find UV paint, feather boas and funky hats to ensure you hit the dance floor with style. Just a stones throw from the Vanity Van (for near the John Peel Tent) you’re even able to ensure your hair and nails are in perfect shape, irrespective of whether you’ve actually managed to locate an elusive shower or not.