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Goodluck Jonathan – This Is Our Way Out

Nichola Eastwood


Brit five piece, Goodluck Jonathan’s debut is a genre bending whirlwind of an album.  ‘This Is Our Way Out’ is the full length collection of the bands initial three EPs, showcasing the Brighton boys impressive efforts so far.  For those already besotted with the eclectic mix of sound these lads produce, ‘This Is Our Way Out’ is set to become your new favourite record, for the rest, meet your new musical addiction.

Bruises Disappear launches this eleven track rendition.  If The Streets did rock it would probably sound something like this.  Scuzzy garage with fuzzy, unpolished vocals and nonchalant, hovering guitar, in other words, a brilliant start.   Stranded leaves us exactly that, blasting us with its morose, moody rock.  Broken Heart sees the vocals really come to the fore, crystal clear for the tracks catchy chorus, it’s a delicious slice of menacing rock.

Fatman is, without a doubt, one of the highlights on the record.  With a guitar riff destined to reside in your head weeks afterward and punky, raw vocals it’s not a song you’re likely to forget in a hurry.  This is the band’s gritty genre bending at its very best.  Fall Of America adopts a more pop laden vibe, far reaching guitar and completely chart friendly.  Backs To The Wall will stump you with its retro electronic feel, whilst its neighbour Away From Here sees the band tone things down for a startlingly melodic number.  Gone are the protesting, punk infused vocals, replaced instead with a note perfect melancholy.

Mad Licks sticks to the vibe set with Away From Here , displaying the guys softer side to full effect.  This isn’t a bad thing but the more downbeat moments on the record pale in comparison with Goodluck Jonathan’s rockier, punkier sound, as Stop amply demonstrates.  It’s a track the Sex Pistols would have been proud to call their own, adorned with a shout along expletive chorus, sneering guitar and vocals, it refuses to shy away and marks the bands firm arrival.  Album closer and title track This Is Our Way Out brings things to a surprisingly mellow end, but then with Goodluck Jonathan expecting the unexpected is really a pre-requisite.

This collection of organised chaos justifies the critical acclaim the guys have so deservedly gained from the likes of NME and XFM.  It will leave you kicking yourself for not hearing them sooner and praising whatever deity takes your fancy for this chance to catch up.