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Hannah Scott – Still Static

Lisa Bentley


The debut EP from Hannah Scott – Still Static – is beautifully crafted, consisting of five track (four songs plus an acoustic version) and runs for just under 20 minutes. Not long, but long enough to make an impact. To be fair, it only really takes one song to make you realise how special a musician and their music is, and Hannah Scott has an EP worth of ‘one songs’.

Still, enough of the hyperbole; let’s get down to it. EP opener Only Way Out has an introduction which betrays the rest of the track. Its epic build up leads to sudden hushed instrumentation which allows the focus to fall on Scott’s vocals and lyrics. The song slowly crawls to a desperate refrain, Scott repeating ‘this is the only way out’ with heartfelt anguish.

Title track Still Static follows seamlessly on from Only Way Out and confirms the style and sound we come to expect from Scott; truly pensive and intoxicating, which in turn means that you can’t help but find her music beguiling.

Meanwhile, Your Lullaby changes the focus of the EP, from guitar driven to the more melodic sounds of piano, fitting more with the tone of the lyrics and the softer vocal delivery. Whilst Your Lullaby only features the piano it in no way makes it sound thin or incomplete. It merely offers a different texture to the multi-layered, and at times rustic sounds, of the other songs featured on the EP.

Hannah Scott’s unique vocals and interesting sound make this a likeable and intriguing debut release. If this is Scott’s first punt at music then I cannot help but be excited for any future releases.