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Heart To Heart – Heart To Heart

Becci Stanley


With their self-titled debut album, California’s Heart To Heart are here to show you why you should take notice. They blend a mix of hardcore vocals and heavy instrumentals with the lighter side of pop-punk; a strange and contrasting mix that ultimately works in their favour and has created a really solid first album.

In Case You Haven’t Noticed opens the album with a deep bass solo, before kicking in with unmatched force. Driving guitars along with a quick pace lead over the top and deep, deadly drums keep a constant speed in the background, before this grinds to a halt for a millisecond, and crashes straight back in with powerful vocals, propelling the song to new heights. The song changes throughout into a lighter, more poppy vibe with singing, melodic guitars and an all over softer sound with equally powerful singing over the top. In turn going some way to highlight that there is more to Heart To Heart, and they can pull off both sides.

Nevertheless Forty Forty Twenty is completely misplaced on this album, it’s like the ugly duckling amongst the swans, though it’s such a powerful and brilliant song it flourishes in its own right. Starting slowly with the quiet tinkling of a guitar, before picking up pace like the current then washing against the shore throughout. This song reaches slight crescendos with gang vocals and guitars, before slowing down to a calm ocean of gentle singing, lullaby-like guitars and the occasional additions of symbols and a snare drum to add something a little different to the mix.

Thanks for Nothing & Thanks for Everything  both contrast and compare in so many ways. They both start off melodically, but Thanks For Nothing kicks in with fast and technical bass along with a technical lead and rhythm guitar mixes that keep constant throughout the album. The hardcore vocals seem out of place in this song, though they highlight the passion behind the lyrics spoken and are instantly catchy and full of life. Thanks for Everything stays tranquil for a lot longer, playing the same general rhythm over and over again, lulling the listener into a false sense of security before blowing into a full hardcore assault. This track is a great deal heavier than anything else on this release, it’s an assault of raw passion and even the brief intervals of singing within this are so full of angst it’s painful.

Last track 300 to Life sends the album out in a blaze of energy, gradually building throughout and showcasing every different side to them. The release stands as a taster of how diverse and wholly, brilliant, one band can be. By this album alone, I can tell this band have the capability to go very far. Watch out for them in the future.