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Hidden Masters – Of This & Other Worlds

Laura Lloyd


The Scottish trio, Hidden Masters, present their debut Of This & Other Worlds which boasts quirky, psychedelic beats teamed with rock guitars and harmonised vocals which highly represents rock of the 1970’s era and which are a rarity in the modern music charts of today.

The album opens on an electric start with She Broke The Clock Of The Long Now with harmonised vocals as well as an upbeat electric guitar synth, it’s a dazzling opening song for the album and gives the listener a taster of what could be expected from the rest of the album.

However, you could be forgiven for thinking that the song sounds incredibly familiar with its Beatles-esque lyrics and Stone Roses backbeat; it’s easy to see where the band took their influences from. Their style poaches between that of folk, rock and roll and indie and that is made perfectly clear within the first 30 seconds of their opening song.

The stand out track of the album is definitely Nobody Knows That We’re Here. Its harmonised vocals and racing drumbeat emit catchy and uplifting short passages of standout lyrics, though it is clear the band like to let the instruments do the talking. With its fast-paced tempo and light lyrics, it’s the sort of song you could get up and dance to or just bop along to.

However, the band and the music never degenerates into just another carbon copy of an everyday indie band although there are similarities between Hidden Masters and The Kinks, The Beatles and The Stone Roses, their old school beats and rocky guitar chords set them apart from the rest because they display their 70’s rock style music in a blissful way with a consistency of obvious choruses, dreamy harmonies and upbeat tempos.

Of This & Other Worlds is an incredibly strong debut album. Every song is as diverse and original as the next. The vintage factor within the album is high, and is also a treat for the earphones. The entire album rewards the listener with a gift of psychedelic, catchy and rocky songs that you just can’t help but listen to over and over.