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Highasakite – Highasakite EP

Ellis Marriott


Highasakite are a Norwegian band who describe their sound as “Pop music with a twist”. After just one listen to their EP I became convinced it was great summer soundtrack. The songs have catchy rhythms and interesting story lines, whilst Ingrid Helene has a really interesting voice that captures your imagination straight away and gets you wanting to listen to more.

My favourite track on the album definitely has to be the first track, Indian Summer. The lyrics combining with a variety of instruments and a quirky drum beat to create a calming and enjoyable listen. Meanwhile, I Roll My Eyes which has a slightly faster drum beat than the first song, yet the song still makes you feel relaxed and at ease. My Soldier has great lyrics and a brilliant overall sound whilst The Heron and is mostly based around the voice and the different sounds that it can make.

Overall, Highasakite are a band that I would definitely recommend that you check out if you get the chance, the EP leaving me to conclude that the atmosphere would be overpowering in the live arena. The songs just take over every feeling that you have and make you instantly feel relaxed. Though this might be the first time that I have heard any songs by this band and I will be looking out for more of their work in the future.