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Holly Rose – Love Has No Theory

Lisa Bentley


Holly Rose’s second musical offering Love Has No Theory is a mellow and at times intoxicating album blending her smooth vocals with pop, jazz and rather randomly reggae beats.  It is this genre diversity that shows a real development and growth from the rather impressive musicality of her previous album Vulnerable to Touch.

This is a gentle, relaxing Sunday kind of album but emotionally the albums offers very little light and shade keeping the listener in the same soft focused mood throughout.  With this album you know exactly where you stand and what you are meant to feel but like being asked a simple question we are always left searching for a far more complicated answer.

Somewhat paradoxically, the songs do offer a mix bag of sensuality for the ears with each song expostulating love and a general desire to achieve it.  Love and desire sometimes can become a boring and tedious theme however Holly Rose tackles a tired topic with a taboo twist singing about wanting a lover in a world full of love, not singing to a traditional flowers, cards and candy mentality.

Track 9 One More Kiss potentially offers the most mature lyrical content which does have the ability to resonate with the listener.  Who of us hasn’t wanted that one more kiss?  Sadly, this album does lack a lot of the power and (at times) lyrical artistry as some of her pop contemporaries however it does offer a light romantic perspective of the potential of love found rather than love lost.  One should not over look this album as another bunch of songs about love, mere cannon fodder for the ears.  Rose’s gentle pop voice has the potential to lend itself to more ambitious tracks in the future.  She is definitely a singer to keep an eye on.


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