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Inherit The Stars – We Were Made To Walk The Skies

Becci Stanley


Hailing from Sheffield UK, this mob whose live shows have been known to create a whirlwind within each respective venue, specifically in local venue Corporation on May 18 for their debut album launch. After creating a local buzz surrounding the band in their home town, this buzz has slowly infected the ears of those nation-wide and rightfully so, this is a solid and neat little release, with a long way to go mind.

Opening track When We Fall, We Fall Together displays raging power chords making your heart beat in time with the racing tempo, a breakdown rhythm making that same heart stop in anticipation for the rise and fall of the rhythm, with synth interludes blending these hardened metal qualities with a modern twist, adding an electronic “core” to metal. This blends effortlessly into Citizen of Earth starting with visceral and screeching guitars and harsh vocals throwing your heart out of beat with the urgency of the change in pace; pounding into a chorus with every member bringing the storm together, bound to be screamed back at them at shows very soon.

Facing The Fire has a psychedelic and ethereal into and outro, aided by melodic and lulling vocals before being swept into a storm of metallic synth and the crash and crunch of instrumentals, like industrial machines colliding as one create an atmospheric and deep track.

Highlights of this album include that of Hold Your Breath which could almost be considered a pop punk track in the midst of the gritty album. Smack bang in the centre of this album, it provides release from the heavy grandeur previously seen with this light-hearted and up-beat track oozing with exhilaration. Much like this is sunny Imagine (If We Ruled the World) sporting an infectious beat along with contagious lyrics amongst a lyrically bland and unrefined album. It rises and falls from crashing instrumentals to solely focusing on the powerful yet comforting vocals intertwined perfectly with a repetitive yet non-the-less fantastic instrumentals leading to the eventual crescendo coupled with psychedelic “bleeps” and “bloops” of synth signalling the end.

When Hearts & Worlds Collide is the pinnacle of atmosphere and other-worldly illusions that have surrounding this album with a haunting violin and guitar intro plunging straight into the deep with primeval and gut-wrenching chaos ensuing, grinding then abruptly stopping in spine-tingling fashion to incorporate soft and creepy silent harmonies, along with the stylings of Sheffield born Liv Puente on vocals and guitar adding ever more depth to this hit of a track.

Closing track Destroy the Agenda (We’ll Build Our Own Adventure) is slightly samey in conjunction with the rest of the album and would be my one fault with the release, it is easy to confuse yourself with what track you are listening to as there is very little differentiality within the album. Despite this, the album goes out with a bang with this song that is really, the whole package musically combining; heartfelt and deep vocals, driving and fast-paced guitars with awesome little technical interludes, pounding drums and an ever-changing tempo displaying all the elements put into this album.

Are they metal? Metalcore? Easycore? Pop-punk? Who knows? It is hard to pin this band down exactly to a genre because of all the differences within their song. It can appear messy in places, almost unusual all together in the mix, but with time, maturity and tweaking of certain elements this band will go far, especially with this brilliant little release already under their belt.