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Sara Bareilles Interview

Catherine May


With her second mainstream UK album release, Kaleidoscope Heart, out on Monday, I caught up with Sara Bareilles to ask her about her current UK tour with Maroon 5, her Grammys experience and why Lilith Fair meant so much to her.

MTTM: You’re currently touring with Maroon 5, how’s that going?

Sara: It’s great thanks. I’ve toured with them a lot before as I met them at Uni. They’re great guys so we’re having fun.

MTTM: This is your first UK tour in a while, how are you finding it? Are the British crowds enjoying the material from Kaleidoscope heart?

Sara: Yeah, I think my last UK tour was back in 2008 so it’s cool to be back again. The British crowds have this whole different kind of energy so it’s awesome and I’m really enjoying playing the new album material here.

MTTM: Are you playing a mixture of both your most recent albums on this tour?

Sara: Yeah, it’ll be mixture of old and new songs with a couple of covers thrown in. We’ve got about a 45 minute set so I can fit in a lot of material.

MTTM: How were the Grammys?

Sara: They were so much fun. I took my dad as my date and I absolutely loved my dress.

MTTM: What was it like to be a part of Lilith Fair?

Sara: I remember it the first time round and I was disappointed I missed out so it was a dream come true to perform alongside so many of my female contemporaries. I know it got some bad press with audience attendance but I really thought the atmosphere was great with everyone enjoying the most amazing performers.

MTTM: Do you have a favourite track on Kaleidoscope Heart?

Sara: That’s like asking me to choose between my children! Although, I guess I’d have to say Uncharted as it was the first song I wrote for this album and the rest of the album was kind of built around it.

MTTM: Is Uncharted going to be the second single in the UK?

Sara: Yes, it’s about to be released in the US and then it’ll be released in the UK later in the year.

MTTM: You released King of Anything last summer in the US and the album not long after; does it feel strange to be back doing promo for it all over again?

Sara: No, like I said earlier, there’s a whole different kind of energy over here so it’s great for it to be getting the airplay and everything.

MTTM: With your background in A Capella groups, do you think that they should be more widely acknowledged?

Sara: It’s already quite popular in the US with shows like The Sing Off (An X Factor style competition for A Capella groups judged by the likes of Ben Folds) and Glee. In fact, Glee has really raised the profile of singing in groups like that.

MTTM: You’ve previously collaborated with the likes of One Republic, Ingrid Michaelson and Joey Ryan, is there anyone else you’d still love to work with?

Sara: Chris Martin. I know not everyone likes Coldplay but I love them and think it’d be amazing to work with him. Also, I’d love to try a bit of soul. If I could play with Cee Lo Green then that’d be awesome.

MTTM: What else has 2011 got in store for you?

Sara: After this European tour I’m heading straight back to the States to do a college tour and then we’re touring with Sugarland which I’m really excited about. It’ll be my first ever ‘Country’ tour so it should be good. And Sugarland are the nicest people ever, I met up with them recently and they’re just so nice.

Kaleidoscope Heart is released on Monday 21 February