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Introducing Angry vs The Bear

Sophie Alexander


No, this is not an advert for the latest extreme style hair gel (although c’mon sponsors wake up, wouldn’t these guys be perfect?) but Angry Vs The Bear; a fantastically fizzy four piece electro pop band from Colchester, Essex. Playing a mix of instantly catchy and feel good tunes, this band is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Their energy spills out over the speakers and into the listener’s bloodstream to really get those serotonin levels leaping to the surface, yelling ‘Fuck yeah, I’m going to wear bright colours and dance around and jump…’ or something of the like at any rate.

The leading woman of this band is the fantastically named Mitzi Fox, whose deep lusty vocals are as strong as any of her contemporaries, rather like a British Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt era, but without any of those nasty spider webs. She really packs the punches, especially in tracks I Am Electric, and the single Show Emotion, which was a Radio 1 pick of the week, don’t cha know.

If you like your synths heavy, your beats strong and fast and something you can just get up and dance to these are the guys for you. I saw them when they supported The Futureheads in September last year and they were totally uninhibited on stage, which I think is one of the plus points of being as of yet a fairly undiscovered band. Here’s hoping that spontaneity and energy carries on when they hit the big time.

Check them out if you like artists such as Chew Lips, Little Boots, or pretty much anything 80s/electro influenced. They are just finishing off their album, so listen out for that later on in the year, and in the mean time there is a free download available on their website.