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Introducing BIGSLEEP

Alice Weavers


BIGSLEEP are a guitar based alternative indie band from Manchester who have been creating quite a buzz, despite not having formerly released any music. They began to attract attention late last year, (under their former name of Drive Like I Do) with a support slot for One Night Only. BIGSLEEP were then personally chosen by fellow alternative indie band, Little Comets, to support them on their UK album tour earlier this year. Such was their success with Little Comets that they have been again been chosen to support them with their new tour this autumn.

With their laid-back sound juxtaposed with catchy indie choruses, it is not hard to already imagine BIGSLEEP playing to thousands of fans in arenas and even stadiums. Their sound is not dissimilar to Kings of Leon, with choruses that hook you straight in and strong, distinctive vocals from the lead singer, Matthew Healy. The directly titled new song Sex stands out particularly with strong guitar chords and lyrics that are sure to have many female fans swooning over.

While many bands are all over the internet, promoting their music and interacting with fans, there is a noticeable absence of social-networking for BIGSLEEP which only adds to their elusiveness: they have no Facebook, no Twitter and no MySpace. Only two of their songs can be found on Soundcloud and Youtube, where Ghost has impressively notched up over 90,000 views since the beginning of the year.

By only displaying their songs, and not their personalities online, BIGSLEEP have created a freedom that allows them to be judged purely on their music. The disappointing lack of other songs online also persuades you to go and see them, which I definitely recommend as their music is even stronger live.