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Introducing Dark Horses

Yasmin Ali


Brighton’s Dark Horses are about to explode onto the music scene with the release of debut single ‘Alone’.

Their sound is a mash of scuzzy indie with a dash of dance that is set to send crowds into a frenzy. Dark Horses are one of only a few bands around right now that have the essence of good old fashioned rock music but have reinvented it into something totally unique.

Shockingly Dark Horses were only formed a mere year and a half ago, but the band’s history is now wrapped in mythology which suits them well. They have become renowned for their live shows, and the group’s flare for fashion sees them wearing  leather jackets with capes to create an assemble that would leave even Noel Fielding feeling like a wallflower.

The group’s first single to be lifted off their debut album Black Music is ‘Alone’ (out October 22nd), which has a dark futuristic sound alongside guitar thrashing mayhem. This debut single is a definitive example for the rest of this psychedelic-electro album, due for release on the 29th October through Last Gang Entertainment.

Kasabian’s sound is clearly an influence for Dark Horses, which is not a surprise as the group have recently finished a stint of supporting them on tour. Additional influences include Patti Smith, whose mixture of edginess, toughness and vulnerability has clearly impacted vocalists Lisa Elle’s style.

Dark Horses are making a lot of impact very quickly – prepare to be swept off your feet by your new favourite band.