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Introducing Disappearers

Maria Turauskis


Disappearers are a new band from London who are almost completely shrouded in mystery. You cannot currently download or purchase any of their music, and although they have an album in development, the only way to access their tracks at present is via streaming on SoundCloud. There are no pictures available of the band online, so their set up is almost a complete mystery. Their website continues this elusive trend, containing an interesting selection of artwork and concepts, with band information only interspersed sporadically throughout the collection of pictures.

In spite of all this mystery, Disappearers are starting to gain a degree of notoriety, especially through their recent press as one of the NME’s 50 new artists to watch in 2011. They have performed a smattering of gigs between bouts of recording at very hip London venues such as The Victory, The Lexington and The Old Blue Last. With such cool ambiguity one might expect Disappearers music to be equally inaccessible. I personally was expecting a loosely connected soundscape of lo-fi experimentation, but actually Disappearers work is fairly traditional. Instrumentation contains typical staples such as drums, guitar, bass and piano, and tracks are cut to a completely accessible maximum length of four minutes.

Disappearers music also has a fairly commercial production style, with vocals placed high in the track mixes, without too much obtrusive effects. This music is not simple or facile, however – Disappearers’ music uses some interesting techniques and timbres, clearly created by clever and agile minds. Lyrics are curious and intelligent, and are conveyed through amiable, sedate vocals with a pleasing, measured tone and slightly raspy timbre. The vocals are in fact a highlight of Disappearers’ work, full as they are with attractive male/female harmonies, coupled with a general, pleasant, whimsical edge.

Disappearers’ music is a little bit indie and a little pop, with some healthy lashings of folk, rock and alternative. It is a bit striped down and a bit calm and collected, but intriguingly so. However, these guys do not really fit directly into any one genre, and without any blatantly audible influences, they are creating some mildly innovative, enjoyable, upbeat and interesting music which has a pleasant degree of nonchalant character.