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Introducing: Fake Club

Kimberley Manderson


Fake Club are five girls all hailing from London. Having only formed in 2012, Chloe, Carmen, Rosie, Aicha and Aisha have been working hard gigging, writing, recording and even starring in films. Not bad for a band yet to release an album.

You only have to spend a few minutes on the band’s website to know these girls have real punk, anti-establishment beliefs, and are heavily influenced by the punk rock greats before them like The Clash and Suzie Quattro. This is an ethos commonly adopted by a large chunk of the current disenfranchised youth here in the UK, but few have the talent and ambition to back it up musically. Think anger and girl power (more in the style of Deap Vally meets Lilly Allen, rather than the Spice Girls), and you’re halfway to getting what these girls are all about.

Fake Club are aware they aren’t reinventing the musical wheel, but they are challenging the “guynamics” of rock music and making pretty good tracks to go along with it. Recent single “Bullet Brain” holds up alongside any contemporary rock track, with high speed drumming, edgy riffs and a repetitive chorus.

If you’re a regular cinema-goer you may have already heard some Fake Club; they curated the soundtrack to (and also appeared in) the recently released Brit flick Powder Room. Their track “Midnight at KOKO” serves as the film’s main theme, with raspy vocals and chart-friendly melody and chorus.

Fake Club are all about keeping it real, doing it for the ladies and making real rock music. If their current resume is anything to go by, 2014 could be their year.