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Introducing FALLULAH

Simi Bhullar


Seemingly intending to follow in fellow Scandinavian indie pop singer Lykke Li’s footsteps, Fallulah appears on the UK music scene, not quite a breath of fresh air, but definitely sweet smelling. This 25 year old soft faced, young woman’s music bears resemblance to that of Bjork as well as Lykke Li, but try as it might such musical similarities do not put me away her interesting sound.

Her new single I Lay My Head is a bright, bouncy song with a driving beat that quickly forces toe tapping and head bopping, and before you know it, you’re on your feet doing what can only be described as the “stamping the dirt off your shoes” bounce. Her pronounced use of Balkan rhythms stem from her introduction to them at an early age, which she has now embraced wholeheartedly. A confident singer, Fallulah also plays about with breathy tones that at times mature her sound to that of a husky singer found only in the depths of cigar bars. There are other diversities in her voice too: at other moments she emanate the vocal vibe of a vulnerable, coy young girl.

Though Fallulah is new to English listeners she is already a star in her own right in Copenhagen, having performed on the finale of the Danish X Factor and being a winner at Denmark’s National Radio Awards. Her hometown certainly has her in their minds as an upcoming artist to watch out for. Though her debut single is due out here on the 29th August 2011, the album The Black Cat Neighbourhood is not scheduled for release until early next year, amidst much anticipation.