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Introducing Good Dangers

Alice Weavers


Good Dangers are a new five piece indie band hailing from London. The group met and formed while studying at Goldsmiths University, although all five members had previously been in other bands before coming together to form Good Dangers. The group are still very early on in their musical career, but from the four songs uploaded onto their YouTube channel, it is clear they have potential. Their music is chilled, feel-good indie pop, based around guitars rather than the heavy electronics that has recently underlined most music. With lyrics focusing on dreams, love and being young, Good Dangers could be the perfect summer soundtrack for 2012.

Abigail, the teaser track for their debut single, is a sweet and harmonic acoustic song, with keyboardist Jenny’s voice providing a nice contrast to the otherwise consistent male vocals. Lead singer Gavin’s vocals feature prominently in most tracks, however, which are slightly reminiscent of those from Empire of the Sun. Indeed, both groups have the same happy, positive vibe in their music.

Other tracks such as Beat of Your Heart is a faster, more intense song with a jangly guitar riff that will get your feet tapping, and will also be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Although the group may not yet have the polished production of established bands, Beat of Your Heart shows that Good Dangers, who have recorded all of their current songs themselves in their living room, definitely know how to write a great, catchy indie tune.

The band mostly play gigs in London but details are not easy to come by, adding to the mystery that surrounds them due to the little information available on the internet. Elusiveness is a popular and effective marketing tactic of late, with many other hip new bands preferring to stay quiet and let music fans find them themselves. Good Dangers are due to release their debut single soon but until then, Abigail is available as a free download on their Bandcamp page.



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