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Introducing Hey Sholay

Natalie Jones


Hey Sholay are a five piece band from Leeds and Sheffield. After securing themselves a set at Tramlines Festival in 2011, they have gained a steady following from all over the UK, with fans becoming hooked on their quirky, refreshing, psychedelic-indie sound.

The group is creatively driven, including filmmakers and artists in their ranks. All these aspects are apparent in their music and videos, giving them an edge over the norm. They have also created their own ale called ‘Wishbone Pale Ale’ with the company Brew Co.. The ale has even been on sale at some of the gigs they have played around the country.

Their debut album ((o)) plays like a greatest hits, and is currently available to download online, although the deluxe version and full physical release have been held back until 12th November.

The group were recently named as a BBC6 and Drowned in Sound’s “must see band of 2012”. I can only say that the sky is the limit for them and as they break the mould on stereotypically indie music I can only see bigger and better things to come. Definitely a band to watch!