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Introducing Katie & The Carnival

Siobhanne Beattie


The Carnival has rolled into town in the form of Northern Ireland’s very own unique take on a fiesta with Katie & The Carnival. Headed by Katie Richardson, Katie & The Carnival is an exciting, eclectic mix of musicians, which includes Suzie Coyle, Amy Joyce, Conn Smyth, Conor Scullion, John Conway, and Mark Beatty.

By their own admission, Katie & The Carnival are set to deliver, “a dark concoction of musical pleasures [with] upbeat yet melancholy songs, intertwined with gutsy and whimsical lyrics…”. Tracks like the beautiful heartbreak of Secret Song, and the jaunty, but dark Fancy Face back this statement up effortlessly.

Katie & The Carnival are set to release their debut single at a unique, double-location gig. Went To The Fair will be available from 11th June, and the band will play at two key Belfast venues, The Black Box and The Oh Yeah Centre, to coincide with their single release. The band have also made a 45-minute film entitled The Places We Go, with local filmmaker Will McConnel, which is scheduled to be played at intervals at their single launch event.

With an undeniably seductive element to her voice, Katie Richardson will easily lure you into running away with her and her Carnival.