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Introducing Levity Breaks

Siobhanne Beattie


Causing a stir across the Irish Sea are indie-rock 4 piece, Levity Breaks. Hailing from Northern Ireland, the band formed in mid 2010. These guys are no novices to the gigging circuit however, having toured on an individual basis with the likes of Snow Patrol, The Buzzcocks, British Sea Power, The La’s, and Nine Black Alps, amongst others.

Since their formation Levity Breaks have been busy writing and recording, with the aim of releasing their debut offering in late 2011. Critics are already praising the band’s polished sound and “togetherness”, and front-man Marty McLoughlin has received favourable comparisons to Pearl Jam’s, Eddie Vedder. Their debut single, The Floor, demonstrates the band’s skills effortlessly, and cements their potential for some more anthemic sounds in recordings to come.

Levity Breaks have spent much of early 2011 touring the pub/club scenes of Dublin and their native, Belfast, including Dublin’s famous Whelan’s bar, where family band The Corrs staged one of their early gigs in 1990.

Already displaying the confidence, potential, and ambition to join the ranks of fellow Irish bands including U2, and Snow Patrol, Levity Breaks are definitely a band worth keeping a close eye (and ear) on.