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Introducing Love Inks

Maria Turauskis


Female fronted trio Love Inks hail from Austin, Texas. They create minimal, delicate and enchanting dream-pop, similar in style to established Brooklyn based shoe-gazers such as Au Revoir Simone and The Hundred In The Hands. Simple, repetitive melodies are the group’s modus operandi, and the result is their dainty, gently, evocative and quietly appealing tracks.

Love Inks focus their music on simple instrumentation, often recruiting only a guitar, bass and drum machine to accompany the vocals. Odd flourishes of synths and tuned percussion are occasionally thrown into the mix to add a bit of colour and intrigue, but the group’s work ultimately centres on the vocals of lead singer Sherry LeBlanc. LeBlanc’s lyrics and vocal style compliment Love Inks’ instrumentation perfectly – her voice is soft with a warm grain, which lends her vocal style a beguiling grace. There is a subtle degree of punch to her delivery however, which is coupled well with her direct, honest, yet ultimately positive lyrics.

Love Inks first single Blackeye is due for release in the UK on 28th March 2011, via Italian label Hell, yes! and an album is set for release in May. Much of this album was recorded using an analogue 8-track, in order to capture the naked, unprocessed sounds of the instruments on record. This is certainly a band that considers every aspect of their music, and by their results thus far – they clearly know their craft.



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