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Introducing Mary At Midnight

Nicola Sloan


Mary at Midnight is an evocative name for any artist, conjuring up images of darkness and mystery. It’s safe to say that such imagery suits the artist well in this particular case. Mary At Midnight is an enigmatic singer/songwriter from London who is starting to make real waves with her music. And apparently she does her best work at night, which is why she chose her particular stage name.

Mary at Midnight, real name Kiran Hungin, creates her distinctive sound by blending Indian music with Western styles, along with layering sampled beats and live instruments to great effect, creating a style that is lavish and intricate.

This diverse and unique style is reflected in her new single Heads Will Roll, which features the talents of Mercury Award winning artist Talvin Singh. The track was picked up upon early on by the likes of Pop Justice, who said of the song: “We like this… swooshy and delicate but big on the tune front with pop charisma in no short supply”. I have to say I agree with this review – the track has dream-pop sensibilities but is as catchy as anything. It is also highly charismatic from the eerie, ethereal opening vocal chant to the big sing-along chorus.

Heads Will Roll is now available to download as a single and more releases, collaborations and live shows from the artist are planned for later this year.