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Introducing Me And Deboe

Nicola Sloan


With their matching black, messed up hair and kohl-lined eyes, you’d be forgiven for thinking at first that Mercy Elise and Sarah Deboe were characters out of a Tim Burton film. But it’s not just their appearance that’s striking.

The classically trained Elise from West Yorkshire and self-taught Deboe from Chester met at university. They began their career together performing acoustic cover version sets up and down the UK before introducing their own material.

What makes them stand apart from other acoustic performers is their fast and percussive playing style. They are electrifying live – their hands flying up and down the fretboards of their guitars as if on fast-forward, (you certainly could not imagine the likes of Katie Melua doing THAT). Their voices also complement each other perfectly, with the raw swell of Elise’s voice taking precedence as it rises above Deboe’s softer vocal style.

It’s really hard to pin down Me and Deboe’s original, raw sound; they seem to blast through the genre barrier effortlessly. You simply have to hear them. Check them out at upcoming gigs in London and Chester.