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Introducing M+A

Maria Turauskis


M+A are a new electro-pop duo, recently signed to Monotreme Records. The duo consists of 19 year old Michele Ducci and 22 year old Alessandro Deli Angioli, hence the name M+A – Michele + Alessandro. This pair of Italians are starting to make big waves on the independent scene, and are scheduled to release their debut album things.yes on 7th November 2011.

M+A have an interesting approach to their music. Firstly, although this group is a duo, they should be really thought of more as two musicians co-existing and creating together, rather than directly collaborating directly. Additionally, as well a having a literally homemade aesthetic (they recorded the entirety of their forthcoming album under a mansard roof), they have rather unusual lyrics, which are often inaudible or sound like nonsense. This concept is apparently due to the group’s Italian nationality, and of typically listening to English-language pop music with the vocals occurring simply as an instrument, instead of as a force for the track’s narrative. This technique is perhaps a little unorthodox, but it does work, and the results are quite pleasant and do not detract from the absolute beauty of M+A’s music.

Their current lead track Liko Leme Lisa has a number of interesting sounds and samples layered into a collage, creating a pretty, understated, happy, and pleasantly offbeat vibe. There are lots of pretty little ditties, interlaced with plucked violins, mellow, jazzy brass licks and on-trend dream-pop synth concoctions that work well together, creating a developed, happy and good-natured sonic experience.

M+A create music that is pretty, quirky, friendly and clever – it really feels like it is pushing boundaries, creating something new and exciting, yet it is charming enough to be accessible. There are a lot of samples in their work, but this music is not simply pluderphonics – it is dream-pop, IDM and electro-pop as well. M+A are making wonderful new music, and are a very interesting new group.



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