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Introducing Model Society

Nichola Eastwood


Model Society are a London four piece whose sound will leave you reeling with memories and nostalgia.  Their vocals are reminiscent of The Jam and The Stone Roses, with an attitude not a million miles away from the likes of The Smiths, distilled with the seriousness of Joy Division.

A quick listen to their debut single Systematic will give you a small flavour of what is surely to come from this promising quartet.  Produced by Paul Tipler, whose prior work boasts the likes of Placebo and Idlewild, distinctive vocals and brooding guitar blend to create a melodic indie anthem.  Danny Clare (vocals and keys), Stephen Kelly (vocals and guitar), Sam Wilkinson (drums) and Antoine Richert (bass) are not just in the business of making catchy tunes though. Model Society are a thoughtful bunch with lyrics, finely honed by Danny and Stephen, that serve as a satirical critique of modern British society.  In short, Model Society look set to be become the thinking mans new favourite band.

The London boys have become well known for their energetic live performances, which boast Brighton’s Great Escape and an appearance at City Show Case, not to mention upcoming London dates. You can catch one of these whirlwind performances on the 6th and 11th October at London’s Bull and Gate. Frankly, you won’t regret it.