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Introducing Mozart Parties

Tess Askew


Mozart Parties is the name chosen by 23-year-old James Bennett for his ‘band’, of which, when recording at least, he is the only member; live shows, understandably seem to be a bit different. He is at the helm of what is proving to be an exciting and fresh musical journey. Mozart Parties were recently signed to Merok Records, which is the day job of The Big Pink’s Milo, and he was also recently listed as one of NME’s 50 new artists to watch in 2011.

Still in the very early stages of his career, (which given the right push, will be a long one), Mozart Parties create chilled, atmospheric pop music. There are currently two tracks available online, the first of which is Black Cloud – a catchy, busy track which features lovely melodies and backing vocals alongside the haunting main vocal part. The song starts fairly calm and quiet and really builds to the chorus, then drops way back down again and yet again builds to the catchy chorus. There are lots of sounds and the track is very organic, with a distorted guitar on the bridge not long from the end that really rounds off the track. Mozart Parties’ of live track Wish My Thoughts Away has a much more retro, 60s feel to it. It does not take long to break in to a chorus, which has a psychedelic feel. Indeed, all of Mozart Parties’ live tracks have an almost dream-like theme to it.

Bennett manages with his work to bestride complete agony and complete ecstasy. If you like your music atmospheric, full-bodied, and indie-based, with a soft, palatable edge, you really will love this.