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Introducing One Sixth Of Tommy

Maria Turauskis


One Sixth Of Tommy are Jordan, Joanna and Jorja – three girls with three guitars (amongst various other instruments), who hail from Stourbridge in the Midlands. The group were recently signed to indie label Helium Records, and are set for their debut album release in the spring of 2011. This youthful trio write and create their own style of natural, comely music which is a delicate blend of pop and acoustic-indie, with a little bit of keyboard experimentation thrown in for good measure.

Undoubtedly at eighteen these girls are young, but they have drawn upon a healthy array of influences for their work, including the likes of Tegan and Sara, The Cranberries, Bon Iver, Norah Jones and the Goo Goo Dolls. For their age they also have quite a developed sound, creating both upbeat and down-tempo tracks with ease, whilst still retaining a sonic identity. Much of this identity stems from the beautiful harmonies the girls create together. All three girls have great voices and each sing lead vocals, although they mostly sing together, creating a soft, fluty aura similar to the likes of fellow all-girl trio Au Revoir Simone.

One Sixth of Tommy certainly have a lot of US pop influences percolating through their music, but the gentle indie vibe is also clear and present, producing youthful, bright, yet heartfelt music, with a wistful degree of innocence. Their track For Always is available for free download through the below link – do check it out.