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Introducing Pawws

Francisca Pereira


Pawws is an exciting new project currently taking the indie and electro-pop music scenes by storm. Singer-songwriter Lucy Taylor, the prodigious North Londoner behind this foray is a natural when it comes to combining breezy melodies with her wonderful, fresh voice. Certainly, this is music with a Siren-like draw.

Her debut double A-side single Time to Say Goodbye/Slow Love is the result of an already prolific musical career, which includes collaborations with the likes of Kele Okereke and MGMT. Fused together with a classical music background, these collaborations impelled the singer to spread her wings and start posting her own music on SoundCloud in 2012. It was both the novelty and the splendour of these initial creations that quickly caught the eye of NME Radar and DIY Magazine, who have heralded Pawws as one of the hottest rising acts at the moment, praising her for her audacious and proficient crafting of “glitterball pop”.

Through her music, Lucy Taylor has managed to add a whole new dimension to the British music scene. The rawness of her lyrics grabs you and will not let you go, and the light and soulful melodies leave an imprint in your heart that won’t fade quickly. With a solo career in full swing, the future is looking brighter than ever for Pawws – this is an act you do not want to miss.

Time to Say Goodbye/Slow Love will be available on 7″ vinyl and digitally from 15th July, and both songs are available to stream now on SoundCloud.