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Introducing Pinkunoizu

Maria Turauskis


Signed to Full Time Hobby, Pinkunoizu are an emerging alternative act that are a bit math rock and a bit chillwave, with lots of guitars, synths and ambient sounds. The band have a couple of London gigs lined up in September ahead of their debut EP Peep, scheduled for release in Nov 2011, and they are also in the process of developing their first full length release due out in 2012.

Pinkunoizu are certainly an interesting bunch. The group have derived their name from the Japanese translation of the term “pink noise”, although the group are actually based in Copenhagen and Berlin. To continue to their quirkiness, they have a picture of a fox on the moon as their EP cover. An unusual approach to some perhaps, but Pinkunoizu have a very cool vibe about them that really works, and in addition they have some fantastic music to offer.

Pinkunoizu have a distinct lo-fi feel to their work, mixing nu-folk, 60s Japanese pop and post-rock. They look to quite dark, intelligent, alternative acts for influence, citing musician such as Devo, The Fugs, Can, Matmos and Faust as key influences on their work. The result of these diverse elements are beautiful soundscapes that are harmonious and calm, but with a subtle edge – a hint towards harshness and despondency. There are some samples and ambient sounds, but guitars are still heavily present in their work. There are vocals involved too, but they are haunting, ethereal and vaguely incoherent.

Pinkunoizu currently have their track Time is Like a Melody available for free download. It is a beautiful track, and an example of promising things to come.