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Introducing rkss

Tess Askew


rkss is a 19 year old electronic music producer/composer from Berlin. His sound is cultivated, intense and dark, touching on garage and techno as well as his most distinctive musical source – electronica.

His sound has been defined as “an exploratory look at the ominous side of his home city,” and his tunes really fit within this conceptual mould – his music is deep and dank, with elements of beauty and emotion. It is clear that rkss has taken a lot of direction from such legends as Aphex Twin, Four Tet and Squarepusher. This is all exampled by his very first release, entitled The Basement EP, which itself paves the way for a really exciting future.

The lead track from the EP, also called Basement is a free download, lead by glass-sounding percussion that is pounding and memorable, featuring fitful, varying melodies and rhythms. Other tracks feature slightly lighter sounds with rhythms as enchanting as the tracks before it, even at times borrowing some influence from African rhythms. Percussion is the principle of his music, with all else complimenting it. At times rkss’ penetrating staccato beat is even reminiscent of Burial’s finest work.

Overall, this is a really promising, young producer with fresh tunes. Indeed, rkss is this writer’s new favourite electro artist; a definite one to watch as he grows and develops into a permanent figure of the worldwide electronic scene.