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Introducing Spring Offensive

Lisa Ward


Away from the Blessing Force army in a city often over looked despite a bustling music scene, Spring Offensive are beginning to tower over many other bands in the area, and despite lead singer Lucas’ staggering height, I don’t mean physically.  Self confessed ‘wimpy miserablists’, their combination of pounding drum beats, rich harmonies and carefully crafted lyrics see them cross genres from math pop to indie rock with a subtle hint of GoodBooks (with added harmonies).

They range from hard hitting vocals over punchy drum beats to a more folksy sound with softer vocals. Nevertheless, it’s the poetic vocals which carry the weight and with lyrics such as ‘take a drink it seems to help/the hundreds I’ve seen coughing up on their wealth/get the first one down the others will follow/as long as it takes every coin must be swallowed’ at times they boast a wealth of surrealism, whilst at others hitting hard with stark realism, all carried through with an overwhelming sense of cynicism. Offering songs with diverse subject matters they range from being loosely influence by Alan Turing, to addressing a man who eats the contents of his wallet, and the impotence created by difficult choices.

With an upcoming Oxford show around the corner, and several festival appearances over the summer, as their name suggests, they continue to progress forward. With a frenzied sense of obsessiveness which stands out in the live arena, they look set to take 2012 by storm.


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