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Introducing: Sundara Karma

Nicola Sloan


The tropically named Sundara Karma comprise of a group of four 17 year olds from Reading. Having formed back in early 2011 (while they were still at school – bless), the foursome have steadily been attracting some favourable attention, having gained airplay on BBC Introducing in Berkshire and in Oxford, Radio 1, and (very impressively) they also recently played on the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds.

‘Freshbloom’ is their debut track, which they’re releasing as a free download. It has the same brand of sun-kissed indie escapism as Swim Deep, but it’s more unabashedly euphoric. Imagine, if you will, they’re the little brothers of said Midlands band, running riot on the beach and you’re in the right area.

A cocktail of sun-kissed, shimmering guitars and sprightly riffs, ‘Freshbloom’ is contagious. The slightly hoarse vocals of singer Oscar Lulu (…I’m not convinced this is his real name!) inject a slight twinge of longing melancholy into an otherwise uplifting track. A little over two minutes into the song there is a false ending, before the track takes off in a final exhilarating rush, replete with sweetly cooed oohs and stomping drums. And what’s more – Philip Schofield is a fan of the track apparently. If that doesn’t convince you of its greatness then nothing will.

Sundara Karma are creating some interesting music full of youthful fun. Check out their website for more details!