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Introducing The Dead Fronts

Kimberley Manderson


The Dead Fronts are a North London based five-piece that make an indie-pop noise with a retro twist. They are already making waves; having gathered a loyal local fan-base, they recently performed a session on BBC Radio 2 for Janice Long.

Gaz, Jordan and Russell met and university in London, before recruiting Muzz and Stu in order to add some more depth and harmony – both vocally and musically. Citing influences from Arctic Monkeys to Queens of the Stone Age, via Nirvana, it’s clear that the mission of The Dead Fronts is to take what they know and then mash out a new sound.

The band have definitely taken a couple of leaves out of the books of Miles Kane and Alex Turner with their witty, intelligent lyric writing. Their sound is also distinctly of the Northern, working-class indie variety. However, before branding The Dead Fronts as copycats or wannabes, they do drag the genre up to date. They have taken inspiration from great bands and put their own twist on it. Their debut single You and Me released August 8th is an example of this.

With nods to 80s alternative rock acts like Pixies and The Cure, Dead Fronts manage to create their own voice in an overflowing genre. This may have something to do with the haunting multi-layer harmonies, or perhaps to do with the way they smash up the musical time-line, fusing post-punk, indie and pop together. The Dead Fronts’ sound benefits from not placing too much importance on either music or lyrics – both are carefully crafted and do not fight for attention on any of the band’s tracks.

Although the band are offering something more different and up-to-date, fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Coral, Rascals and Maximo Park will find some aural delight in the works of the Dead Fronts.