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Introducing The Naturals

Tess Askew


Bristol boys Robin, Felix, Harry and Ky are collectively known as The Naturals. The band have been together since 2004, but 02 April 2012 sees the release of their 7″ EP Concrete Sea on Howling Owl Records.

A first listen to The Naturals is a curious one; with no prior information you would be forgiven for thinking the group are much older than their teenage years, as their sound is fairly developed. That said however, these guys have been playing together for 8 years, resulting in a clear chosen direction to their sound, which is rather refreshing given the young years of the members.

Their influences are interestingly cited as “the hypnotic combination of The Cure, Foals, Neu! and Yeasayer”. Like these acts, The Naturals’ music is rich and indulgent, but not to the point where the listener cannot identify with it. The group’s music could be considered part of the indie genre, but their tracks also sound like a band who are making exactly the sort of music that they want to rather than what they believe will sell or become popular.

With radio support from Tom Robinson, Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq, it is safe to say that The Naturals are certainly on their way to being more recognised, something they wholly deserve. The Naturals’ sound is intriguing; their instrumentation layered and captivating. They are currently touring with the Chapman Family in support of their EP release.