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Introducing The Savage Nomads

Alice Weavers


Hailing from south London, the alternative pop/rock band that is The Savage Nomads have already made quite a name for themselves in the music industry, and have even been hailed by some as the saviours of contemporary music.

The Savage Nomads create interesting music; one of the most unusual things about the group is their unique approach to song-writing. Refusing to abide by mainstream rules, their songs do not conform to the typical structure of verses and a chorus. Instead, they create their own distinctive and unpredictable formats, ensuring that every song surprises you with its change in direction.

Their debut album, Coloured Clutter, blends the genres, with dramatic guitar riffs on one song morphing into garage rock and instrumentals on others. The Savage Nomad’s debut single, The Magic Eye,  in particular makes a compelling formal introduction to the band. Lead singer Cole Salewicz’s deep vocals guide you through their interesting composite of atmospheric guitar solos and accompanying chanting from the other band members.

Their originality and genre crossing sound, although being a breath of fresh air, makes it hard to define a specific position for The Savage Nomads within the musical landscape. However, if you are a fan of the guitar-driven eeriness of Foals, or the vocal style of White Lies, chances are you will love The Magic Eye and the rest of The Savage Nomads’ forthcoming album.