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Introducing Us Baby Bear Bones

Mollie Carberry


Us Baby Bear Bones are wonderfully difficult to pigeon-hole. The refreshingly unique Brighton-based trio are set to release their debut EP, What Starts with a U Ends with an I, on June 10th, and are definitely to band to watch throughout 2013. Consisting of Puff Gandolfo, Daisy Emily Warne and Luke Phillips, this band creates an ethereally beautiful sound.

With poetic lyrics reminiscent of Daughter, jarring yet effective changes in pace much like Alt-J, and hints of Bon Iver-esque auto-tune, it could be said that Us Baby Bear Bones are a combination of many current artists. Yet I feel such comparisons are slightly insulting – part of this band’s magical charm is that they are unlike anything I have heard before. They encapsulate Grimes’ dream-pop aspect and combine it with so many new features that it transforms into something completely original.

‘You’ combines floating vocals, spoken word and haunting lyrics to create a dream-like atmosphere; ‘‘Open my heart/ fill it with dirt/ the filth from this forest is better than…Open my womb/ fill it with birth/ ‘cuase I can make life/ better than…’ The lyrics are raw and unapologetic, adding to the band’s charm. ‘Mountains’ and ‘Swamp’ highlight the stunning combination of Puff and Daisy’s vocals; weaving together but contrasting in tone.

The release of their EP is much-anticipated and should hopefully live up to the beautifully disorientating and magical music they have created so far. If you are a fan of anything remotely electronic, dream-pop or folky, or something with a haunting edge, then you must give Us Baby Bear Bones a listen.