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Joshua Radin – Underwater

Catherine May


“And I know it’s just one of those days… but tomorrow is gonna be better”. That’s a lyric from the opening track off Joshua Radin’s new album. What’s so notable about it? Well, it sounds as though it’s been taken off his second album where lyrics of optimism about the future were aplenty in the likes of One of Those Days and Brand New Day.

Anywhere Your Love Goes sees Radin’s soft vocals laid on top of a slow drum beat that adds atmosphere to the song, whilst tracks such as Everything leave Radin’s voice needing little support. Similarly, Lost at Home and One More are poignant in their simplicity. There’s something in Radin’s voice that displays heartache like nobody else and this – combined with his carefully crafted lyrics – never disappoints.

There’s a dramatic opening to Any Day Now, with dark strings throughout the song heightening the tension of the song. By the time the drum beat really sets in the song really comes into its own and is a great way to close the album with something a bit different.

In fact, with the exception of the final track it seems Radin’s very much returned to his roots with this new release. Whilst The Rock and The Tide saw faster paced tracks and a more electronic, produced songs, this album sees a collection of simple, beautifully performed numbers.

So what’s new about Underwater? To be honest, not much. Radin’s smooth vocals are as faultless as ever, there’s lots of acoustic guitar enhancing his sound and the lyrics are as uplifting as fans have come to expect them to be. And you know what, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. Radin knows his sound and his knows what works. Underwater may not be a groundshaking release, but it’s a perfect Joshua Radin album that doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not.