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To Kill a King Q & A September 2013

Becci Stanley


After a whirlwind year of touring, recording, and touring some more; London based rockers To Kill A King have toiled endlessly and their hard work has finally paid off after they sign to Xtra Miles records, plan a global tour and re-release their debut album Cannibals with Cuttlery, we caught up with Ralph, the lead singer of the band, to discuss all of this exciting news…And why Dot to Dot festival went horribly wrong for them!

So you’ve just came back from playing Reading and Leeds festival, how was that for you?

It was amazing, yeah – really, really good! Reading was our biggest crowd ever; I think it was like two and a half thousand people which was incredible – it was a really huge rush for us.

And what can we expect on your upcoming headline UK tour?

It’s our biggest tour to date – I mean we’re going to be headlining the Koko in London which is amazing; we’ve seen so many great gigs there. We’re also going to be playing some new songs which we’re really looking forward to so keep an ear out for that.

You’ve also just signed to Xtra Mile – what does that mean for the band?

Good things hopefully! Obviously we self-released our debut album last year, and now with Xtra Mile we’re re-releasing it with a few extra tracks that we finally have the backing and  means to do, so yeah that’s really good. Also it means it’s going to be released all over Europe and America which means we’re going to be bringing our headline tour over to those places and again supporting Bastille. Really, to us it’s just like they’re a really good hard-working and independent label and we’re a really hard-working independent band so it works well.

So your new album Cannibals with Cutlery is out October 7th, tell us about that and what we can expect?

We’ve recorded 4 extra tracks which we think are really good, and hope everyone else does too! Also we decided to bring it out on vinyl – a double vinyl so it’s two disks for the price of one.

How does it differ from your previous releases?

Well it’s our first full album so it’s our first substantial album. Without the extra tracks its fifty five minute long and it really reflects that particular time in our career which you can tell through every second of it.

Which songs are you particularly excited to play live?

We’re going to be playing Walls as we’ve re-arranged the set which should be really good. That’s about it – as well as the rest of the set obviously!

You’ve travelled all over the world, which have been some of your favourite places to play?

There’s a place called The Social in Leeds – I mean we’re up from there and we all love it there. We also played the Joiners in Southampton which is really great.
[Addresses the rest of the band] Guys, can you think of any other places we love to play?
Nah just those two, they are the only venues we’re going to play ahaha – well, obviously we’re really excited to play the Koko in London and the Lead Mill in Sheffield; should be an adventure!

Any juicy tour stories from your travels?

Actually there was one time at Dot to Dot festival where everything went wrong. Firstly, we missed our first set ’cause of traffic! Then on the last day it was okay, then on the middle day where everything was running smoothly we were on our way back and our bass player Josh was driving so he was sober, but we had a replacement keyboard player who accidentally left open the van door, the sliding door, so all his shirts hung up went flying down the motorway – so yeah, bad times.

So, what have you got planned for the future of the band?

We’re in the middle of recording the second album at the minute so hopefully that should be out soon. And this weekend we’re travelling, then we’re straight touring – lots and lots of touring.

Lastly, if you could sum your band up in 3 words for our readers, what would they be?

Loud, quiet, loud.

Well that’s it; it’s been nice talking to you, good luck with your tour!

Take care!