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Lauren Pritchard Interview

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More Than The Music caught up with rising star Lauren Pritchard to talk about her upcoming album, life in the UK and her musical influences.

More Than The Music: You were born in the States but recently relocated to Shepherd’s Bush. Are there noticeable differences between the UK and US music scenes and what prompted your move?

Lauren Pritchard: I moved over originally to do some writing with my producer Francis (Eg) White, which turned into more writing and then into making a record. I had always wanted to come to London and see the music scene for myself, after everything I had heard about it I knew I had to make something happen and get across the pond!! I think because the US is such a massive country the music scene is so spread out. But the UK is so much smaller, a tighter unit and music circulates everywhere much faster. It’s very exciting. It can circulate quickly in the States too but in a different way.

MTTM: Tennessee has produced so many great musicians, what do you think is so special about the place and does it carry any expectations?

LP: I think Tennessee has a sense of musical freedom about it. Even though it’s the home of Country music, Tennesseans love music. All kinds of music, we don’t put limitations on it. We’ll listen to everything from Dolly Parton to Christian/Gospel music, to Bombay Bicycle Club, to Jay-Z. I don’t know what people expect of me or others from Tennessee. Some people are surprised that I don’t sound more country than I do, but that was never what I wrote, always listened to it though.

MTTM: You’ve been very active on the gig circuit lately playing all over London, as well as at a variety of festivals. Is there one that stands out as a particular highlight and if so, why?

LP: Camden Crawl was an amazing thing to be a part of this May! I loved every minute of it. Gigging a few times and then trolling around London with my band and my mates having a blast and seeing all the bands we could possibly see. Also, this year was my first Glastonbury!! Whoop what an amazing time! And I didn’t even need my wellies. That will go down in history as one of the ultimate highlights!

MTTM: You started out in Spring Awakenings on Broadway and lodged with Lisa Marie Presley, do you think these experiences have shaped you as a writer?

LP: Moving away from home at 16 to LA for two years and then relocating to NYC right as I was getting settled in Los Angeles to do Spring Awakening was already very inspirational. The last 6 and 1/2 years have been a test but most of all they’ve kick-started many songs and emotions. Even when it was a pain & struggle, I think it’s been worth it.

MTTM: Have you abandoned acting entirely in favour of your music career or is it something you feel you’ll come back to?

LP: I’d like to come back to acting later on. But I’d really like to spend a good while focusing on my music for now. After those few years on Broadway, it reassured how much I wanna be playing/singing/writing full time.

MTTM: Your debut album, Wasted In Jackson, is released in the middle of October. For those who’ve not heard of you before, what can they expect?

LP: They can expect an honest record. I’m a “no secrets” person and I hope they listen to the choons and get that from the music. It’s a blend of old school Marvin Gaye and new school Fiona Apple vibe.

MTTM: Your lyrics tend to have a very personal feel to them, do you find the act of writing cathartic?


MTTM: You’re cited as a big Billy Joel fan, what other artists would we find on your MP3 player or CD player?

LP: The Black Keys, Al Green, Ann Peebles, Bombay Bicycle Club, Dolly Parton, Little Feat, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Professor Green, Kassidy, Sheryl Crow, Eminem, Jay-Z, Joni Mitchell, The National, Band of Horses, Florence & the Machine, Phoenix, The Roots, Talib Kweli, Q-tip, I could list people all day. HA!