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Lilygun – Lilygun

Susan Ludzik


Lilygun is a debut album by the band with the same name, following two successful singles, Scum and Moonlight. The genre is, for the most part, hard rock, but the marriage of delicate female vocals with only the occasional angry guitar outburst make it surprisingly melodic and, on the whole, relatively laid back (the band sound has been described as “a shower of bullets and petals”).

While a lot of the songs bleed into each other and don’t immediately stand out as separate numbers, it’s far from being a negative thing – the album breathes and flows. With each listen, I found little pockets of wonder that escaped me on the previous one; the dreamy instrumental towards the end of Moonlight, the vocal bridge in Scum, Sunlight Dream’s simple but tasty guitar riff. Whilst Diamonds, a personal favourite, leaves the album on a gentle and curiously haunting note.

Lilygun surprises with absolute precision. The garage band aesthetic isn’t used as an excuse for tuneless thrashing, nothing ever sounds sloppy or out of place – just listen to the sparing grungy bass line and gorgeous buildup of Peace Of Mind.

I’m looking forward to seeing this band get seriously big, and not just in the underground scene; they are ballsy and catchy enough to appeal to the masses, but fresh and assured at the same time. Lilygun “adheres to no rules,” is “free from fashion trends and common trappings of most rock bands”, and admittedly their grungy, melancholy-tinged sound is damn hard to effectively pigeonhole.