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Lindi Ortega Interview July 2011

Catherine May


Having toured with Brandon Flowers for the past year, it seems now is finally Lindi Ortega’s chance to shine on her own. Despite several previous albums and tours, this autumn’s solo UK tour will see Lindi showcasing her own material to big crowds. Ahead of the tour, we caught up with Lindi to talk about her time touring with Brandon Flowers and her solo work.

MTTM: How did you and Brandon Flowers first make contact with one another?

LO: I was performing a showcase in Los Angeles and The Killers’ booking agent was at the showcase. When Brandon Flowers was looking for back up singers some time later, his agent somehow managed to remember seeing me and called my manager to see if I would be available to do it. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that and I wasn’t doing anything at the time so I jumped at the chance and figured it would be an excellent learning experience.

MTTM: What’s the most exciting thing to happen to you on tour with him and the rest of his band?

LO: The most exciting thing was playing The Jools Holland show. I think its the coolest show on television and to be part of it, even as a back up singer was just amazing!

MTTM: Do you treat your own band especially nicely since your stint with Brandon Flowers?

LO: I would have treated them nicely before the stint and will continue to do so after the stint. I have so much respect for artists and musicians alike and anyone who contributes to anything I do musically I will always hold in very high regard.

MTTM: You’ve been recording as a solo artist for nearly a decade, what do you feel is different about the new album that is finally getting your music the attention it deserves in the UK?

LO: Well I finally have proper label support so that helps immensely and in addition to that, I just took a chance and created the kind of music I’ve always wanted to do, I think the culmination of my influences make for a unique blend of genres and perhaps people are drawn to it because its different.

MTTM: Do you prefer playing with a band or acoustically?

LO: I think there is something to be said about both methods of performance. Playing acoustically is very intimate and will always put forth a degree of vulnerability because there is no band to lean on or play off of. But I am very use to being a solo performer, I’ve done more shows solo in my career than with a band so it feels very natural. However, I love playing with a band as well because its just so much fun to perform my music on stage with other talents and to have this wall of sound behind me dressing up and colouring my tunes with textures and ambience. Its so much fun!

MTTM: What’s better: A bitter truth or a sweeter lie?

LO: Well its probably better to hear a bitter truth because its the only way to progress or move forward in any given situation for which lies or non confrontation are causing a stagnation.

MTTM: Do you have a favourite song on ‘Little Red Boots’?

LO: I think Little Red Boots is my favorite song, its the name of my record, its a song about my favourite pair of boots and it plays into my wacky perception of myself as a spaghetti western comic book hero.

MTTM: What can UK fans expect from your Autumn tour?

LO: Well I love to put on a fun show.. I encourage dancing and good times! I want people to leave my show feeling like they’ve made a new comrade. I really enjoy connecting with and meeting the people that come out to see me sing.

MTTM: What’s next for you?

LO: I plan to work very hard.. I have many goals I’ve set for myself and fully intend to accomplish them. I will continue this climb up the big ole mountain and no matter where I get, the view will always be better half way up, then on the ground.. of course, it sure would be nice to reach the top!