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Lisa Marie Presley – Storm & Grace

Lisa Bentley


Lisa Marie Presley returns with her third album Storm & Grace containing eleven original tracks which all play to the theme of love, and loss and Presley doesn’t ease you in lightly. Opening track Over Me is an engaging story about finding out that your ex-lover has met someone else and has moved on. The tale told from the scorned lover’s perspective is executed brilliantly by Presley’s reserved delivery. You can feel that the protagonist doesn’t want to show any pain but it is there and it is real.

This melancholic refrain continues over the following two tracks however, the mood does not feel forced or manipulated. Lyrically the album delivers some knock out punches but none so sad as the gentle refrain from Weary; the repeated ‘you can move on dear,’ is sang so sweetly and yet so begrudgingly. Presley’s ability to deliver these words with such amazing depth makes you realise this album is more than just a selection of songs thematically brought together to create an album. This pain is real, it has been lived and it takes life experience to be able to sing like that. Presley has it by the bucket load. Add to that the gorgeous tick tock blues sound and the sentiment is fully rounded off.

With So Long you feel a slight shift in the albums mood but not so much that the feeling of loss is shaken away, whilst track Un-Break throws you right back into the bitter mood. The warped intro juxtaposed with the reflective lyrics that question karma make this the darkest song on the album. Meanwhile the richest sounding song on the album is How Do You Fly This Plane? Granted, the title is silly but the beauty found in the lyrics and the soul reverberating through Presley’s voice is immense.

Overall, even with the sadness that is very apparent one cannot but feel that it is an album filled with hope. Crazy that may seem after it has just been dissected as a quivering set of melancholy but take the album title Storm & Grace into consideration; it is about the bad times but it is also about making it through them. It is about weathering the storm and retaining your grace and dignity. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, if not dark, album.