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Lisbee Stainton Interview

Jo Cox


Ahead of her headline UK tour, More Than The Music caught up with Lisbee Stainton to find out more.

More Than The Music: You recently toured with Joan Armatrading, how did it all come about?

Lisbee Stainton: My publisher is also her publisher and she got in touch to ask if he had any suitable artists. He gave her a big bunch of them and she picked me, which was great.

MTTM: What was it like touring in Europe? How did you handle the language barrier with your audiences?

LS: Well it was mainly Germany, and Germany was okay because I’ve got my GCSE German, so that helped me through and it wasn’t too bad. But places like Finland for example it was interesting. People generally speak English, which is a badly spoken mixed together language but it came off alright in the end.

MTTM: You were the first unsigned singer-songwriter to play the O2 Arena, what was it like performing to such a big crowd? Given the choice would you prefer a more intimate venue?

LS: It’s very different, two different ways of performing in many ways. If you’ve got a huge crowd you have to make yourself a bit bigger obviously, and it was huge rows and it was just unbelievable to the point that I got on stage and couldn’t see the whole audience, they actually drifted out into the back of the auditorium. It was an unforgettable experience. The more intimate venues are great because you can kind of communicate better with the audience, you style yourself to engage them  a lot better I suppose.

MTTM: You’re about to start your first headline tour, what can people expect?

LS: We’re going to do a lot of my album ‘Girl On An Unmade Bed’ so it’s basically all the songs on that album, plus a few little new gems here and there. I’m playing with a small band, a double bass and a drummer and we’re going to have a mix of big sounds and smaller folky sounds.

MTTM: Do you know yet who is going to joining you on tour as your support?

LS: I don’t know, I don’t have a set support as I can’t chose my support, so it’s going to be a different one every night.

MTTM: How did you end up playing 8 string guitar, rather than the standard 6?

LS: I saved up for a few years to get one handmade for me in my last year of uni. I went to see a guy I know and I asked if he could make me a 12 string guitar and he said to me ‘I’ve got this really good idea that I’ve been wanting to try out on someone. I’ve got an idea for an acoustic 8 string guitar, would you mind being my guinea pig?’ So he made the guitar especially for me with all my measurements and I ended up as the first person with an 8 string guitar which was amazing. It’s so much fun to play it, it’s beautiful.

MTTM: Can you play any other instruments?

LS: I can play the Flute, to sort of Grade 1 standard, so not very well and I play the Ukulele as well.

MTTM: Are there any plans for another album?

LS: Yes, I’m working on it now, so I will be touring as well as trying to write a new album.