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The Lost Souls Club – High Noon EP

Susan Ludzik


I was all over The Lost Souls Club’s High Noon as soon as I heard they were “for fans of The Black Keys”; however, these guys are neither as raw nor as tight, more about garage-rock existential musings than the blues. They’ve been likened to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nine Inch Nails, The White Stripes and Queens of The Stone Age, and while the first comparison seems a little misguided, fans of any of the latter should find themselves right at home with this EP. (A sleepier Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would be more appropriate.)

High Noon has plenty of upbeat classic rock n roll – We’re All Gonna Die Anyway especially. But it’s the fuzz, already widely praised – and with good reason – that gives the album its fantastically narcotic feel. I Know I Spoke Too Soon is the cherry on this dirty and sinister sundae; drowsy, but with just enough unsettling longing in it to keep you awake. Something tells me it’d be a good roadtrip or long night ride home kinda album.

The boys have kept the release short ‘n’ sweet – at 5 tracks long, High Noon clocks in at under 20 minutes. Such a streamlined format means the record has virtually no weak songs and the only thing I can point my snide pen at is its wannabe nihilism. During my first listen-through, Romeo’s opening lyrics: “I saw this old dead dog in the road/ It reminded me of someone I know/ Just the flash of a forgotten dream,” put me off an otherwise ass-kicking track. It doesn’t stop there; their self-confessed opinion of the release is “the idea of a showdown between two opposing sides of oneself: arrogance and insecurity.” Frankly, this level of pretentiousness doesn’t do such a solidly good EP any favours.

If you can look past the occasional slightly cringy line and the black skinny jeans, these guys are seriously damn great and definitely worth a listen (according to BBC Introducing, a Band To Watch in 2013!). The Lost Souls Club are also on tour until the end of March and if they’re playing anywhere near you, then hey, aren’t you in luck!


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