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Lowtalker – The Marathon EP

Becci Stanley


Sophomore release from the group Lowtalker, following in the footsteps of debut release People Worry About Everything, has not only that to live up to but an array of inter-genre knowledge. This group features former Misery Signals vocalist Stu Ross, Living with Lions’ Matt Keil and Casey Hjelmberg of Comeback Kid; very different styles, very different inspirations, and ultimately a very impressive mix.

Each loud track on this new E.P flows effortlessly into the next, creating a wall to wall assault of driving rhythms,  angst-ridden vocals and razor sharp guitar work. Opening track Like Minnows dives straight into a dark, driving abyss; before re-surfacing with ballsy vocal stylings with gaps between guitars and vocals. Similar to that of most 90s –modern pop punk bands and showing the fine line Lowtalker cross: a mesh of Punk, Rock, Hardcore and heavy doses of self-loathing Emo, whilst still looking on the bright side. This is an awkward, yet refreshing mix in an ever-increasing influx of mediocre music.

Other key tracks in this release include that of Barstow and Chances. Both using contrast within the music itself and lyrics to create an ever intriguing blend and pushing the boundaries of what people come to expect from this band. Barstow starts with fast paced guitars and dark drum beats reminiscent of California mob Trash Talk, then changes gracefully in one fell swoop to resemble something like Death Cab for Cutie in the good old early days. Chances starts very similar and being the last track, sends the E.P out in a most unexpected way; with melodic and almost soothing guitars slowly drowning into silence, anthemic in a way and powerful in many others.

Though not wildly different from People Worry About Everything, this short and sweet release shows decades of combined musical knowledge put to great use both in their respective genres, and together as one big mash up of powerful lyricism and technical instrument knowledge. Will no doubt satisfy any fans of the band and anyone looking for a record to blast their anger away to.