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Lucy Love Interview August 2011

Catherine May


She’s lived around the world, just graduated from Art School and shares the same name as a porn star, but Lucy Love’s music still has a whole lot more to offer. We caught up with her to chat about her latest release, Thunder.

MTTM: Can you tell us what your new single Thunder is about?

Lucy Love: Thunder is about love, dreams, living in the moment, taking things to the edge and seeing the light that shines in the dark.

MTTM: What made you want to create a video with such a dark feel to it?

Lucy Love: It is an emotional track and I felt it needed a serious unforgiving video. I wanted the music video to have a cinematic feel to it to enhance the dark thriller like storyline.

MTTM: What’s your favourite track from your forthcoming album?

Lucy Love: Thunder is my absolute favorite it is so simple but yet so complex. I LOVE IT.

MTTM: You recently graduated from Art School in Denmark. Did you consciously make the decision to complete your education as opposed to quitting and launching into your MCing career sooner?

Lucy Love: I nearly quit after four years of studying but I stuck with it and I’m so happy that I graduated. My last year at art school turned out to be my most progressive and the most fun.

MTTM: Having spent time in Zambia, Denmark and England do you feel that one country has had a greater influence on your musical style than the others?

Lucy Love: Growing up in Denmark has created my foundation but there is no doubt that the UK club scene has had a massive influence on my style.

MTTM: What made you choose the stage name Lucy Love? Are you aware of the other ‘artist’ who performed under the same name?

Lucy Love: I wanted a simple catchy old school name that didn’t indicate what kind of music is was connected to. I have heard rumors of people thinking that “Lucy Love” must be a heavy metal band or an R’n’B singer, it’s hilarious. But no, I’ve only ever heard of the Hungarian pornstar.

MTTM: Can we expect to see more of you here in the UK?

Lucy Love: Yeah… As a start I’m playing in London on the 2nd of September.

MTTM: What else is next for you?

Lucy Love: I’ve got shows in Denmark, Australia, Germany and Belgium coming up. I’m pretty much on a never-ending tour. And my album ‘Kilo’ will drop in the UK sometime soonish.